The i3 has been a jewel in BMW's electric crown since it launched in 2014. Created in a bespoke factory in Leipzig, the i3 was created with an ethos of sustainable design, making use of natural and recycled materials. With numerous improvements since then, the i3 continues to impress.

Charging a BMW i3 (94Ah) 80% will give the vehicle around miles range, at a cost of around p a mile, when charging .

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Electricity cost based on UK average.

About the BMW i3

Manufacturer BMW
Model 94Ah
Year 2016
Range 114 miles (EPA rating)
Battery size 33kWh

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60Ah (2013), 60Ah Range Extender (2013), 94Ah (2016), 94Ah Range Extender (2016), 94 Ah i3S (2017), 120 Ah (2018) and 120 Ah i3S (2018).

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