The original Tesla Roadster launched at a time when Electric Cars still had a lot to prove. Many things have changed since then, but even today the 2006 Tesla Roadster boasts impressive stats for its range and performance.

Charging a Tesla Roadster (2.5 Sport) 80% will give the vehicle around miles range, at a cost of around p a mile, when charging .

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Electricity cost based on UK average.

About the Tesla Roadster

Manufacturer Tesla
Model 2.5 Sport
Year 2010
Range 244 miles (EPA rating)
Battery size 53kWh

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1.0 (2006), 1.5 (2007), 2.0 (2009), 2.5 Base (2010), 2.5 Sport (2010) and 3.0 R80 Upgrade.

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