Spotting electric vehicles on the go is fun! And it's getting easier as more and more EVs hit the roads. Use our handy EV Bingo game to keep track of those you spot. Make a note of your high score and try to beat it on your next journey. Strictly for passengers only!

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All cars
Car Point value
Audi e-tron 20 Spotted!
BMW i3 10 Spotted!
Chevrolet Bolt 20 Spotted!
Ford Focus Electric 20 Spotted!
Hyundai Ioniq 15 Spotted!
Hyundai Kona 15 Spotted!
Jaguar I-Pace 20 Spotted!
Kia e-Nero 20 Spotted!
Kia Soul EV 15 Spotted!
Mercedes-Benz EQC 20 Spotted!
MINI Electric 35 Spotted!
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 15 Spotted!
Nissan e-NV200 Combi 15 Spotted!
Nissan Leaf 10 Spotted!
Nissan Leaf (2018) 15 Spotted!
Renault Kangoo Z.E 20 Spotted!
Renault Twizy 30 Spotted!
Renault Zoe 10 Spotted!
Smart EQ forfour 25 Spotted!
Smart EQ fortwo 25 Spotted!
Smart EQ fortwo Cabrio 25 Spotted!
Tesla Cybertruck 100 Spotted!
Tesla Model 3 10 Spotted!
Tesla Model S 15 Spotted!
Tesla Model X 15 Spotted!
Tesla Model Y 50 Spotted!
Tesla Roadster 50 Spotted!
Tesla Roadster (2020) 50 Spotted!
Tesla Semi 100 Spotted!
Volkswagen e-Golf 20 Spotted!
Volkswagen e-up! 20 Spotted!