Blink Charging 7kW Fast

Prices for June 2023

The price of Blink Charging 7kW Fast

Costs are based on averages across UK locations. Actual costs may vary based on location.

Average connection charge 0.21p
Average cost per kWh 56.87p

Pricing information last updated on June 1st 2023.

Costs of Blink Charging 7kW Fast across locations

The cost of using the Blink Charging 7kW Fast varies between locations, so we use an average to indicate what the cost will be. The following locations have been sampled to indicate the expected price range. Note that there may be other prices not included here.

Location Connection charge Cost per kWh
Lime Grove, Mexborough, Swinton, Swinton and 6 other locations. 0.2p 8p
Wulfstan Way, Cambridge and 16 other locations. 0.2p 25p
John's Court Car Park, Leicester and 12 other locations. 0.2p 34p
Orchard Road, Brighton and 134 other locations. 0.2p 39p
West Park Drive, Blackpool and 8 other locations. 0.2p 40p
New St, Leicester and 1 other location. 0.2p 44p
Watling St Road, Preston and 23 other locations. 0.2p 45p
Pylands Lane, Southampton and 5 other locations. 0.2p 48p
Frome Rd, Bradford on Avon, Bradford on Avon and 189 other locations. 0.2p 50p
College Road, Doncaster and 15 other locations. 0.2p 52p
Broxbourne Council Offices, Leicester and 34 other locations. 0.2p 55p
Westminster Lodge, St. Albans and 9 other locations. 0.2p 57p
Ebenezer Street, Sheffield and 46 other locations. 0.2p 58p
Kendray Street, Barnsley and 6 other locations. 0.2p 61p
Hatfield MSCP, The Common Hatfield and 252 other locations. 0.2p 69p
Markets Car Park, Markets Road, Doncaster and 1 other location. 0.2p 70p
Victoria Square, Belfast and 136 other locations. 0.2p 72p
Centenary Way, Burnley and 3 other locations. 0.2p 79p
Station Road, Wombwell, Barnsley and 4 other locations. 0.2p 80p

Pricing information last updated on June 1st 2023.

Further information

The cost of charging a car with Blink Charging 7kW Fast

If you were to charge an average sized electric car using Blink Charging 7kW Fast would cost you around 16.26 pence per mile, based on travelling the UK average monthly mileage of 616 miles*. This is about 8% more expensive than petrol AFR rates and 16% more expensive than diesel AFR rates.

Note that this is just an indication. The exact cost will vary based the fuel efficiency of the vehicle being charged . Use our vehicle selector below to get a more specific estimate.

Journey details
Average UK monthly mileage 616 miles
Average miles per kWh 3.5
Energy needed per month 176 kWh
Example battery size 60 kWh
Amount per charge 80%
Charge amount 48kWh
Number of charging sessions needed 4
Connection charges £0.01
Approx cost to travel 616 miles £100.11
Approx cost per mile 16.26 pence

* Average UK monthly mileage based on RAC Foundation data.
AFR (Advisory Fuel Rates) prices for petrol and diesel from data, based on 1401 to 2000cc petrol engine sizes and 1601 to 2000cc diesel engine sizes.

Check the cost of charging a specific vehicle with Blink Charging 7kW Fast

Use our vehicle selector to see a more specific indication of charging cost for this tariff.

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