Tesla Supercharger

The price of Tesla Supercharger

Tesla's worldwide Supercharger network costs 28p per kWh.

Cost per kWh 28p
Access restricted to Tesla vehicles

Pricing information last updated on August 31st 2021.

The cost of charging a car with Tesla Supercharger

If you were to charge an average sized electric car using Tesla Supercharger would cost you around 8 pence per mile, based on travelling the UK average monthly mileage of 616 miles*. This is about 38% cheaper than petrol AFR rates and 27% cheaper than diesel AFR rates.

Note that this is just an indication. The exact cost will vary based the fuel efficiency of the vehicle being charged . Use our vehicle selector below to get a more specific estimate.

Average UK monthly mileage 616 miles
Average miles per kWh 3.5
Energy needed per month 176 kWh
Approx cost to travel 616 miles £49.28
Approx cost per mile 8 pence

* Average UK monthly mileage based on RAC Foundation data.
AFR (Advisory Fuel Rates) prices for petrol and diesel from Gov.uk data, based on 1401 to 2000cc petrol engine sizes and 1601 to 2000cc diesel engine sizes.

Check the cost of charging a specific vehicle with Tesla Supercharger

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